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Thanks for letting us know about your skills (aside from writing). My family and I were recently in Disney World. I’d love to hear your dining recommendations.

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dear jason,

thank you for these messages, and for your work, for all your stories.

i'm revisiting your jane foster saga in this big thick trade right now and it's beautiful again.

thanks for doing what you do!

also, if memory serves, you might live in or around kansas city.

i do standup comedy and i'll be headlining The Comedy Club of Kansas City next month.

if you're around and interested (1/13-14), i'd be happy to have you on the guest list.

regardless, thank you for all things!


myq kaplan

PS love the phrasing of "the festive fucking face of Jason Aaron." thank you for your festive fucking brain and heart and all.

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I’m also full of behind-the-scenes knowledge about comics and movies/tv, but also immediately forget the name of someone literally a minute after they introduced themselves. Blergh. Hoping my past drama/jazz ensemble history can be utilized to entertain an apocalypse overlord.

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Thank you! We had a great time. Already talking about when to go back.

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