Jason Aaron's Beard Missives Newsletter, Year in Review Edition

Look, I know, I’m glad to be done with that gangrenous canker of a year too. Believe me, I’m not here to pen a wistful appreciation of the sulfuric acid-filled suppository that was Two Thousand goddamn Twenty.

But as someone who went through their own fair share of trials and personal upheaval last year, I’m choosing to focus on the positives, on the things I’m most excited about and proud of, and amidst the ongoing shit-blizzard of 2020, the year did manage to provide a few of those. So here, if you’ll allow me, is a quick look back at some of my favorite four-color moments I got to be a part of last year.

So that was last year. May it rest in fucking pieces. What about this year?

AVENGERS #40 is in stores now, kicking off the fire-drenched, fight-tastic “Enter the Phoenix” arc, with more amazing art by Javier Garrón. Here’s an interview I recently did at Newsarama about the arc. And here’s Javier talking it up at SyFy Wire, and also showing off his amazing new designs for the Phoenix versions of various heroes and villains who’ll be fighting it out to become the all-new avatar of everyone’s favorite planet-torching cosmic firebird.

KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES #1 is also waiting for you at your local comic shop as we speak. It’s a tie-in to Marvel’s massive King in Black event, which spins out of Donny Cates’s awesome VENOM run, focusing on Knull, the dark god of the symbiotes, who of course has a connection to my THOR run in the form of the Necrosword. So it makes sense that Jane Foster and friends would get involved in this throwdown. Like the end of the previous Valkyrie series, it’s written by me and Torunn Grønbekk. And it features gorgeous art by Nina Vakueva.

But wait, that’s not the only bit of Valkyrie business in the news right now. Look for even more new adventures of Jane Foster in the pages of THE MIGHTY VALKYRIES debuting in April, again by me and Torunn, with eye-poppingly beautiful art by Mattia De Iulis.

And speaking of Jane and the Necrosword… looks like they’ll also be crossing paths on the big screen, as it was just recently announced that Christian Bale has signed on to the next Thor film, THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, to play the Necrosword’s infamous wielder and serial killer of gods from my first arc on Thor, Gorr the God Butcher. Pretty excited to see Bale cut loose with a character who came out of my head. Should be some grisly, god-butchering fun.

In terms of my creator-owned comic work, SEA OF STARS and THE GODDAMNED are both close to wrapping up their second volumes. I hear that some folks have had a hard time tracking down THE VIRGIN BRIDES issue #2 because of shortages in some areas. Sorry to hear that (goddamn 2020). That issue has now been added to my online store, along with all other VIRGIN BRIDES single issues.

Overall, it’s looking like it’s gonna be a year of exciting new projects for me. Last year was mostly about AVENGERS, and that train will keep rolling and picking up steam. But I’m also planning more creator-owned books for 2021, and I’ve already been writing a few new Marvel projects, including a couple of different series that I think will create quite the stir, not to mention the biggest and most exciting non-comic project I’ve ever been involved with.

But first, it’s back to the Hyborian Age and the adventures of Conan. I’m super excited this week to get to start work on fulfulling the promise from the end of CONAN THE BARBARIAN #12 by bringing you my take on KING CONAN. Coming your way very soon. Just as soon as I go write it.

Cheers. Stay safe and keep your head up. Let’s show 2020 once and for all, “It wasn’t me. It was you, motherfucker!”

Jason Aaron

KC, January 2021

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