Oct 17, 2022Liked by Jason Aaron

I have added it to my pull list. Just curious, is this an ongoing series or a limited series? I’m excited to check this out.

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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 22, 2022Liked by Jason Aaron

Just discovered the newsletter after it was mentioned on the Comix Collective interview and I’m so glad I did. I’m so excited for Once Upon a Time at the End of the World.

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thank you for sharing this all, jason.

much love to you and your family.

best of luck in emerging from this cocoon.

also i hope you enjoy the cocoon while you're in it, as much as possible.

it's rare to be in a cocoon. or maybe we're always in some cocoon or another.

hope you find meaning in this one.

looking very much forward to continuing to read as much of everything as you write as i can get my eyes on.

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