Such a delightful read, Jason. And imagine my joy when after I read your wonderful tribute to George...I then got to read your review of Northman (which I also loved), your recent love of Impossible meat (the way they make it at Disneyland is honestly the best, I feel like you might agree), a good old fashioned shot at Hickman (what you do best,) and you topped it all off with your super kind recommendation of PHENOMENOCITY!

14/10. Seven out of five stars. I can't imagine a more perfect edition of your newsletter. Thank you Jason!

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Jul 18, 2022Liked by Jason Aaron

A heartfelt Perez tribute, a stellar review of The Northman, and then plant based burger reviews! Could this guy be any more on point?

But then... Eggo Pop tarts!? Those are the second worst Pop-Tarts I've ever tried. The worst being, everything bagel (imagine an onion flavored white goo filling with a terrible aftertaste).

In all seriousness though, that was a wonderful tribute to George Perez. Also, the thought of Jason Aaron digging through long boxes makes me smile.

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jason Aaron

"I Would Not Be Here Without George Perez." Could definitely say the same. I can definitely see his influence in your work.

What was your first issue of NTT? Mine was #22.

Northman was fantastic.

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Yes Northman was great!! And I’m loving your king Conan Series and I picked up your previous work with Conan I’m just wanting to know did you have to change the story for what the people that won’t be named did. I’m just curious because I’m loving your book so far

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